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Home page – is the first that customers see after they come on your site, so it should make a good impression right away. Home page should be informative, but not overloaded with information. Instead of chunks of text, use large banners. They can contain information about promotions, discounts or new products.

Be sure to add products to the main page. You will immediately familiarize customers with the assortment of the store and push them to further explore the product catalog. For convenience, break the products into several blocks, for example: New, Sale, Hits. You can add logos of brands represented in your store next to it, if this is important for customers.

Home Page Blocks

Managing blocks and their sequence allows you to display all the necessary information on the main page and give the visitor the necessary impression about the store and its assortment.

Big banner with dynamic slide changes and additional promotional banners.

Product Showcase — displaying cards of promotional products, new products and bestsellers attracts the buyer to selected products and demonstrates the assortment of the store.

Product category list of the store can be displayed in several formats: popular or all categories with subcategories, with or without large or small icons.

Brand logo block helps the buyer to find products of a particular brand faster.

Shop Benefits — brief abstracts focusing on the key differences between the store and its competitors.

News, promotions and blog articles are displayed in one feed of materials, accompanied by illustrations if necessary.

Social media widgets help you use the power of social media to promote your store.